Many thanks to the doctors who agreed to be interviewed on Zoom during the pandemic and who agreed to share their experiences of working from home during the pandemic.

Thanks also to those doctors and their families who tested out the book ahead of publication and gave feedback about its strengths and weaknesses.

Thanks to Anne Paul and the team at Doctors in Distress for their advice and encouragement about developing this booklet.

Helen Wallis of GHP Design in Newcastle is helping to create the print and download forms of the booklet and is advising on other aspects of design and publication.

Special thanks for the ongoing support of Claire Gallagher, Director of Commercial Enterprises at Whitechapel Gallery, and an independent consultant, is advising on publication and marketing.

Thanks to Garry Clarkson, artist and filmmaker and photography degree tutor at the Open College of the Arts, who provides strategic and photographic advice to Dr Morris Gallagher. We acknowledge the advice and help of photography degree peers and tutors who commented on the booklet and its design.

The Institute of Medical Visual Culture is an organisation founded by Dr Morris Gallagher to showcase new and challenging health care images. ‘Break Point’ is the first work to be shown under this banner.