Finding Help

There are many sources of help, but it all depends on your circumstances and what you need. The most difficult thing to do is to begin to acknowledge that you may have a problem and to start to speak to someone about it. Often the first step is to talk to a loved one, friend or someone at work that you think might be supportive. Your GP or appraiser may also be able to help or point you in the right direction.


Doctors in Distress

Founded by a doctor and chaired by Clare Gerada. Access to wide range of support groups, podcasts and articles about managing doctor stress and distress.

NHS Practitioner Health

NHS Practitioner Health is a primary care-led mental health assessment and treatment service established to care for NHS professionals. You can arrange a remotely conducted consultation and arrange local treatment. Several speciality groups, such as those for paediatricians and GPs
BMA Wellbeing Support

Free and confidential 24/7 counselling and peer support services which are open to all doctors and medical students (regardless of BMA membership), plus their partners and dependents.

Tel: 0330 123 1245.

DocHealth is a confidential, not-for-profit service that helps doctors explore professional and personal concerns with senior clinicians. The service is delivered by consultant Medical Psychotherapists based at BMA house in London.

Tel: 020736533
British Doctors & Dentist Group

They are a mutual/self help group of doctors and dentists from all levels of the professions who are recovering from, or wish to recover from, addiction to alcohol, drugs or other behavioural addictions.

Other groups


Suicide prevention and advice organisation. Broad range of advice and contact options.

Calm (Support for Men)

Online Self-Help Guides

There are several excellent mental health selfhelp guides produced by the NHS, that use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you work through problems. Areas covered include chronic pain, anxiety, depression, grief, problem solving, insomnia and many other areas.