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What are we funding?

We want to produce a short booklet of images and advice for doctors who think they might be suffering from stress and burnout. We want to see a copy in every doctor’s common room. The booklet has,

  • An introduction to the problem of doctor stress
  • Unique photographs about personal responses to stress by a GP
  • Advice on how to recognise stress in yourself and others and what to do about it by a psychiatrist/medical psychotherapist
  • A directory of local and national helping services.

Dr Duggins, a psychiatrist/medical psychotherapist, has 15 years of experience in treating stressed and burnout doctors. This booklet will help him to share that experience with a bigger group of doctors and healthcare workers. Dr Gallagher is a GP and photographer specialising in documenting health and social care issues. Follow our progress on Twitter or Instagram.

Why do we need money?

We want to create a 34-page booklet or zine, initially as a full-colour booklet and later as an e-book. We have employed a booklet designer to create print and digital forms. Other costs include this information website and making the booklet available in print from ‘The Great British Bookshop.’ We need £1,000 to bring a high-quality booklet to print and download.

What about profit?

Surplus money from this crowdfunding will be given to the ‘Doctors in Distress’ charity. We want to keep the price of the printed booklet as low as possible but will add a few pounds to each order to make a small profit for this charity. Dr Richard Duggins has worked for ‘Doctors in Distress,’ and we both support its aims and objectives of helping doctors with mental health concerns. The authors and producers, Dr Duggins and Dr Gallagher will not make any money from this booklet.

Draft front cover