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29th January 2023

Focus Group and email feedback


“The booklet is excellent. It directly answers pertinent questions and gives simple advice.  I felt supported after reading the leaflet and reassured that many other people have similar feelings in the current climate. Your pictures add meaning and value to the booklet, providing mental stimulation and interest.”  NEW GP

“I wasn’t aware of what services were available and found that really helpful.”  GP


“Could have more about family, work, and debt pressures.” [Introduction changed to include this]

“I think you should have an example of a success story…The help (Practitioner Services) was provided within 24-48 hours which was enormously helpful…just so that people know what to expect. That it does work and that it does make a difference.” [Will be included in a future version]

CHILDREN, GUILT: ‘There’s always the pressure with childcare and fitting everything in and you feel guilty that you’re not quite doing enough to them or your job. 

SILO WORKING: ‘Working in a GP surgery was one of the most lonely experiences in a work environment …not seeing anybody…It was so anonymous; there were no social get-togethers. COMMUNITY DOCTOR

CONCEALED DISTRESS: Q: Is there anything in the booklet that really spoke to you? A: “Concealed Distress – it was written in the Actions section – it’s that idea of people crying behind closed doors…I remember the cleaners telling me once ‘Do you know such and such cries in her room? No one would want anyone to know that its concealed. People are too scared about how disclosure and making it public might impact on them. CONSULTANT AND COMMUNITY DOCTOR

ABUSIVE SYSTEM: We belong to an abusive system. It’s almost like being part of a cult, that invisibility and being afraid of complaints…and those terrible things that happen and stay with you…I think most people don’t understand what it’s like to be a doctor. You are in an abusive relationship – we’re kind people and want to help and are taken advantage of.” CONSULTANT